• Whisky Negroni

Whisky Negroni

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Melbourne-made. Distillery batched.

Traditionally an Italian aperitif, ours is a distinctly Australian twist on a classic. We start with our bold, Melbourne-made whisky, aged in Australian red wine barrels. With its big, fruity flavour, Starward whisky was always crafted to sing in a cocktail.

For our mixologists, only the finest ingredients will do.

We sought out trusted local producers for our sweet vermouth and bitter orange liqueur.

Tasting notes

Nose / Maraschino cherries, bright orange citrus, anise and a herbal twist

Palate / Juicy orange flesh, lemon rind, sour cherry, and cassia bark

Finish / Long and drying with hints of Jaffa chocolate and orange zest

Simply serve with ice and an orange peel.

It’s a perfect choice for pre-dinner drinks alongside antipasti. Bringing a cocktail over for dinner? Undoubtedly a popular power move.

For the flavour-obsessed.

Each cocktail was a long time in the making. A close collaboration between our distillers and bartenders meant we patiently fine-tuned each recipe. As ever, we’re particular about our ingredients, only wanting those locally-sourced, of tried and tested quality.