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Project Whisky / 500ml / 48%


Double Gold medal winner at San Francisco World Spirits Awards 2020.

A rich, straight-sipper for after dinner

Limited release and ludicrously delicious. A decadent drop for those meandering after dinner moments.

Beginning / Our signature twice distilled single malt spirit. Made with Australian barley and brewers' yeast for extra flavour.

Middle / Fully matured in Tawny fortified wine barrels. Smaller 100L octave size barrels gave this whisky an extra richness (as there's more surface area interaction during maturation).

End / Like Christmas in a glass. Dried orange, fig and toasty oak on the nose. Sweet on the palate with dried fruit and nutmeg. A slow, balanced finish with a spicy dryness.

Future / This one's a great straight sipper, especially with a cheeseboard, dessert or after dinner.