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The tasty new take on a G&T

Two-Fold & Tonic

Sure, gin’s great. But have you tried a Two-Fold whisky and tonic? This fresh combo brings out the vibrant, fruity notes in Two-Fold yet takes all of ten seconds to put together. Win.


30ml Two-Fold
Top with tonic
Wedge of ruby grapefruit


Pour whisky over ice. Follow with tonic and garnish.

More Two-Fold Recipes

Espresso (not) Martini

45mL Two-Fold Whisky
20mL Batch Syrup
30mL ST. ALi Cold Brew Coffee*

For those playing at home, any form of sugar syrup (e.g. honey) will suffice. Likewise, an alternative to Cold Brew Coffee would be a shot of any form of coffee you can provide.


Add all to shaker with ice, shake vigorously and double strain into a nick and nora or coupe glass. Grate some dark chocolate on top, enjoy!

Passionfruit Mojito

50ml Two-Fold double-grain whisky
25ml freshly squeezed lime juice
1 1/2 teaspoons of raw sugar
4 sprigs of fresh mint leaves
1 tablespoon passionfruit puree
Crushed ice


Add the Two-Fold, lime juice, sugar, passionfruit and all but one sprig of mint into a cocktail shaker. Use a wooden spoon, French rolling pin or muddler to break up the mint and passionfruit seeds. Pour the mixture into a highball glass,
add ice to fill 3/4 of the way, stir, then top up with soda. Garnish with the final sprig of mint and serve. 

New World Sour

50ml Two-Fold double-grain whisky
20ml lemon
20ml sugar
20ml egg white (or Aquafaba)
15ml Australian red wine


Shake all ingredients but the red wine in a cocktail shaker without ice, then add ice and shake again. Serve on the rocks then gently pour the red wine into the glass. 

Fort Pils

40ml Two-Fold double-grain whisky
20ml vanilla syrup*
15ml lemon juice 
10ml dry vermouth
100ml light or hoppy pilsner


Add all ingredients to a shaker with ice. Shake, then double strain into a chilled tumbler.
*To make your own vanilla syrup, mix 1 part vanilla extract with 5 parts sugar and 10 parts water. 

Rusty Bayonet

50ml Two-Fold
15ml yellow chartreuse
15ml lemon juice
10ml lemon syrup
7.5ml Maidenii dry vermouth


Shake then double strain into a coupe glass. Garnish with a twist of lemon.


50ml Two Fold
45ml maple or caramel syrup
45ml cold drip coffee (or whatever coffee you have at home)
50ml coconut cream + coconut milk (50/50 each)


Shake up the coconut cream and milk with ice and pour into a glass
Shake the rest of the ingredients and pour over the coconut mix and strain into a tall glass.
Top with ice and soda.