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Our Whisky


Single Malt / 500ml / 48%

Juicy and sweet, a decadent single malt whisky.


Gold medal winner at World Whisky Masters 2021

Savour this single malt straight or on the rocks – so that all the glorious Dolce notes come to the fore. As Dave (our Founder) said, this whisky screams “TRY ME!” especially with the connection to Dave’s Sicilian origins.

It is going to be the perfect end for our Christmas lunch with panettone & vanilla ice-cream. If you can keep yourself from drinking it before Christmas!

The barrels you ask. Well, our signature twice distilled single malt spirit first found home in our Australian red wine barrels – which have the juicy wine and oak characters. Then, we finished off the maturation in these beautiful barrels that held an Australian interpretation of a Sicilian Dessert Wine.

What wine is that we hear you saying … well … if we were in Italy, that wine would be called Marsala, however regulations mean that we, in Australia, call it a dessert wine.



45ml Dolce
20ml Cocchi Americano
Barspoon - Mr. Black Coffee Liqueur
Barspoon - Amero Averna

Add all ingredients into a mixing glass with ice & stir until chilled.
Strain into a chilled rocks glass over a block of ice & garnish with muscatel grapes.

Now it’s time to run / click with frenzy to purchase because Dolce is from our Starward Projects, our program where our distillers get to experiment with different whiskies and create flavour forward and unique expressions.  
There will be only one single, limited release, so don’t disappoint yourself and put something off that you can do today.