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Our Whisky

(New) Old Fashioned

Whisky Cocktail / 500ml / 32%

The dinner party starter. A BBQ-ready distillery batched cocktail.

Take the guesswork out of your Old Fashioned and go for guaranteed deliciousness instead. Expertly crafted by our team of bartenders and distillers we wanted a cocktail that'd taste like Melbourne. That meant adding house-made wattle seed and orange bitters. That meant making something laid-back and ready to serve over ice with a simple garnish. But most importantly, it meant finding a recipe that would go exceptionally well with food. Try the (New) Old Fashioned with duck, steak, sardines or BBQ chicken.

Nose / Rich vanilla and caramel, with lift from gentian, spices and bright citrus
Palate / Decadent full body balanced by dry wattle seed spice.  Red fruit, oranges and coffee.
Finish / Balanced with sweet and dry components making a long, slightly drying finish.