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Quite the quencher

30ml Two-Fold + Tonic + Garnish

A Two-Fold whisky & tonic. A hissing, fizzing drink over crackling ice cubes. A sound that cuts through the air; the clarity of refreshment in hazy summer heat. It's a cocktail that'll win over whisky fence-sitters in a sip. Whisky, but not as most know it. Bright and fruity. Familiar yet fresh. Whisky that's simply made to pour out and share.

Start with a glass of ice and add 30ml Two-Fold, our velvety smooth and tropical double-grain whisky. Top this with tonic, Indian preferably. Then add a wedge of glistening ruby grapefruit. You're good to go.

This cocktail pairs beautifully with food that was made to share. Think roast dinners or BBQ lamb chops, shellfish, pizza and Spanish tapas. Or Asian cuisine like papaya salad, dim sum and dumplings.

In short, it's a drink that has a sense of summer in an subtle yet remarkable way. Like the scent of sunscreen or an old playlist you made years ago. It's made for late, light evenings and long lingering lunches. Three ingredient Two-Fold & tonic is the perfect cocktail for impromptu celebrations, big group gatherings or alfresco nights set to the hum of cicadas.