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Tiger Buck Jerky Twin Set

Beef Jerky
40g / Twin Set

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    Chewy, salty and smoky goodness.

    Whether you're on the hunt for an afternoon snack or looking to curb that savoury craving, we've got you covered with our latest release (in partnership with Tiger Buck); beef jerky. It's got all of the smoky and chewy goodness you're looking for but with an added zing using our signature Two-Fold whisky.

    Tasting Notes

    Nose / Smokey BBQ with subtle sweetness

    Palate/ Rich and tasty air-dried beef with a background of warmth added by cayenne pepper

    Finish / Lingering hint of Starward’s quintessential tropical fruit notes.

    About Tiger Buck

    Soft and delicious, Tiger Buck Jerky’s signature taste is the subtle hint of smokey bbq. Made from 100% unprocessed Australian Beef, Tiger Buck uses no artificial flavours or colours. It is also low in fat and is also gluten free. Tiger Buck Beef Jerky uses only quality Australian Beef that’s never been frozen. There’s no filler, no MSG, no artificial anything.

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