• Salted Drinking Chocolate

Salted Drinking Chocolate

Hunted & Gathered

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Inspired by Starward HER Honeycomb.

This limited edition, Hunted+Gathered 50% Cacao Salted Drinking Chocolate is hand crafted using cacao from the Duarte province of Dominican Republic. Perfect in a whisky spiked hot chocolate, frozen martini, or our personal favourite, a HER Honeycomb Whip.


organic coconut sugar, organic cacao powder,
organic cacao beans, sea salt.
No soy, dairy or gluten.

Directions for use.
In a small pot, warm 200g milk with 30g chocolate powder.
Whisk until the powder is dissolved and milk is steaming.
Serve immediately

Chocolate and honeycomb. A match made in heaven.

After the ‘sell out’ release of our Hunted+Gathered Whisky Chocolate Spread in 2023, we came back for seconds with an exciting new offering for the 2024 chocolate season. The Hunted+Gathered team were inspired by the luscious Pure Peninsula Honey in our HER Honeycomb whisky, making this Salted Drinking Chocolate the perfect pair for whisky inspired desserts or cocktails.