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Ginger Beer Cask #7

Single Malt Whisky
700mL / 48%

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4.6 Stars (54 Reviews)
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Zingy, zesty and oh-so fresh.

Ginger Beer Cask #7 is back filled with the zingy goodness that you have been longing for. Crafted with Starward's signature single malt whisky, our Ginger Beer Cask is finished in barrels that once held our distillery made ginger beer.

Our freshest release yet.

Approachable, mixable and oh-so-sippable, Ginger Beer Cask #7 is guranteed to be the freshest and coolest kid on the block. This year’s ginger beer barrels were jam-packed with more fresh ginger than ever before, so expect a whisky that's as fresh in flavour as it is in cool factor. This also created a perfectly sweet and spicy flavour to compliment to our quintessential Starward tropical notes.