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Single Malt Whisky
700ml / 48%

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4.6 Stars (81 Reviews)
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Spicy, aromatic, and bursting with flavour

This exciting limited release couldn't wait any longer! A single malt whisky fully matured in Muscat barrels from Rutherglen, Victoria. In a nod to the iconic Muscat grape, our whisky spent a perfect 4 years soaking up all those sweet and spicy Muscat characters. The result is a unique expression that's aromatic and bursting with flavour. Only available to purchase via the ballot.

Sip, shake or stir

The unique tasting notes of this Muscat release make it perfect for sipping, fantastic in a cocktail and on the dinner (or dessert) table. Like all our whiskies, how you enjoy is completely up to you.

Tasting notes

Nose / Toasted almonds and raisins, topped with sweet and juicy lychees

Palate / Imagine a plate of hot sticky cinnamon spice buns, straight out of the oven

Finish / Smooth and delicate, with hints of toasted oak and liquorice

Colour / Auburn

Juicy lychee and spiced cinnamon delight

Starward Muscat features delicious notes of toasted almond, cinnamon, and lychee. Yes, you read that right - fragrant and juicy lychees, with a toasted oak finish.

Celebrating all those sweet and spicy Muscat characters that will have you thinking of hot sticky cinnamon buns or a soft and crumbly raisin pudding.