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Ginger Beer Cask #7

Single Malt Whisky
700ml / 48%

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    Zingy, zesty and oh-so fresh.

    Ginger Beer Cask #7 is back filled with the zingy goodness that you have been longing for. Crafted with Starward's signature single malt whisky, our Ginger Beer Cask is finished in barrels that once held our distillery made ginger beer.

    Our freshest release yet.

    Approachable, mixable and oh-so-sippable, Ginger Beer Cask #7 is guranteed to be the freshest and coolest kid on the block. This year’s ginger beer barrels were jam-packed with more fresh ginger than ever before, so expect a whisky that's as fresh in flavour as it is in cool factor. This also created a perfectly sweet and spicy flavour to compliment to our quintessential Starward tropical notes.

    Tasting notes

    COLOUR \ Golden Auburn

    NOSE \ Ginger, orange and dark chocolate

    PALATE \ Strong spicy ginger, vanilla and fresh pineapple. Balanced by sweet raisins and fig.

    FINISH \ Big and warming finish. Candied ginger, citrus and sweet Apera.

    The process

    At Starward, our distillers love to re-write the rulebook, even when we have award-winning and cult-favourite recipes. This allowed the zing of the fresh ginger to sing, while simultaneously bringing forward bold vanilla notes that are synonymous with American Oak barrels. Our Starward spirit was finished for a total of 12 months in these zesty ginger beer casks, to create the scrumptious and versatile single malt that it is today.

    Join our Ginger Beer Cask #7 Virtual Tasting on the 16th June.

    Join us for a virtual tasting with our Head Distiller Sam Slaney. Sam will take you on a spicy ride through Ginger Beer Casks 5-7, where he will explore each release’s history, revolution and zesty flavours.

    Join the the Facebook Live Event HERE

    It's all about flavour.

    Ginger Beer Cask #7 doesn't kid around when it comes to flavour. Serve it next to a rich and sticky dessert, (like tiramisu or pfeffernusse biscuits) and you'll be in heaven. Or mix it down in a tropical cocktail loaded with fresh pineapple and citrus. Whether you're a whisky lover or not, Ginger Beer Cask #7 is guranteed to capture hearts and make tastebuds tingle.

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