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Melbourne Food & Wine Festival

We care about food as much as we care about our Whisky and we’re proud to be partnering with Melbourne Food and Wine Festival to come together to celebrate and enjoy what Melbourne does best.

Watch as Melbourne becomes a playground of restaurants, laneways, basements and rooftops filled with food and wine lovers as they learn, share and discover amongst this gastronomic event.

Come and join us in a myriad of ways; have it be neat, shaken, stirred or indulge in one of our Whisky infused culinary manifestations from the 19-29th of March at The Queen Victoria Market.

Tasting Australia

Tasting Australia - an unprecedented eating and drinking experience true to the culture, producers and regions of South Australia.

With long lunches, exclusive dinners, farm tours, tastings, masterclasses, and inviting conversation, we knew we had to make an appearance and be a part of the indulgent adventure.

Find the Starward energy and innovation in our unique beverage (and culinary) experiences throughout the festival from the 27th of March to the 5th of April.