Tours & Tastings

Experience everything you did and didn't know about whisky at our home in Port Melbourne.

Single Malt Experience

This 45 minute experience takes you into our distiller’s playground to see how this liquid gold starts its long journey, the whiskies we make from approachable through to complex. Explore the process we use to distil our spirit and discover our signature barrel policy.

Whisky Masterclasses

Take your whisky (whiskey) knowledge up a notch. In a laidback masterclass, you'll taste handpicked expressions with expert guidance. Experts and newbies are equally welcome.

CBCo X Starward Whisky Tasting Sessions

Colonial Brewing Co. and Starward Whisky have teamed up for a double venue tasting sensation!

Starward x Seven Seeds Flight Night | Coffee Cocktails

Thursday 19th May 2022, 6.30PM

Join us and coffee friends Seven Seeds as we explore the tantalising combination of whisky and coffee, and discover how well the two actually work together.