• Stout Cask - Starward Whisky

Stout Cask

Single Malt Whisky
700ml / 52%

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A Melbourne whisky trifecta.

We're excited to introduce the latest, limited-edition iteration of our projects program, Starward Stout Cask. The first-of-its-kind, single malt whisky that was matured for 18 months in coveted imperial stout barrels. With notes of chocolate malt biscuits, banana icecream and decadent cacao, prepare to have your tastebuds tantalised with this one of a kind, decadent release.

Say hello to your new favourite boilermaker pairing

As with every Starward whisky, we'll always recommend you sip it how you want and not how you're told. If you're stumped for ideas on this one, it would be remiss to not hero it in your very own boozy boilermaker. We suggest pairing Starward Stout Cask with an imperial barrel aged stout. You'll find it offers delicious parallels between the roasted malty characters in both sips."


Nose / Tropical fruit followed by vanilla pods and chocolate malt biscuits
Palate / Banana ice cream, stone fruit, and cacao
Finish / Malty chocolate
Colour / Deep Gold


So, why Stout? Well, we're lucky to say that we have a pretty awesome production team, many of whom with an ex-brewing background and a keen interest in that space. As with all of our projects releases, our distillers let their creativity, innovation and passion lead the way, to bring you an extra special Starward release that truly showcases the best of both worlds. By combining our unique brewing experience with our signature distilling methods, we've been able to craft a whisky that's unlike anything Starward has ever done before.