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Octave Barrels

Octave Barrels

Single Malt Whisky / 700ml / 48%


Projects come and Projects go...but if you’re quick you may find a bottle at leading retailer as we’re sold out online.

Red-wine-barrel aged whisky can’t get more Australian than this.

We fully matured this single malt in Yalumba’s The Octavius Shiraz barrels. Richly flavoured, smaller sized Barossa red wine barrels gave us an intense, deliciously different whisky. Octave Barrels is Australian heritage reinvented.

Think Barossa shiraz, and for many, Yalumba’s The Octavius will be the first to come to mind. Yalumba is Australia’s oldest family-owned vineyard. The Octavius is made from some of the world’s oldest shiraz vines. It’d be hard to find another wine so deep-rooted in Australia’s wine heritage.

The 100L octave-sized barrels have lent Octave Barrels a bigger, bolder flavour. These robust little vessels have aged Starward’s whisky more intensely. The smaller volume creates more wood-whisky interaction compared to standard wine barrels. And it’s left its mark on this single malt.

Octave Barrels’ aroma offers up-front raisin, ripe peach and caramel. The full-bodied flavour is rich and long, melding dark forest fruits with toasted oak. A toasted marshmallow finish leaves you keen for another sip. Or two.
This melding of Australian old and new is a rich taste of when heritage and boundary-pushing collide. Octave Barrels doesn't just speak to the place it's made. It shouts loud and proud.

Colour / Auburn
Aroma / Rich, full bodied expression. Red fruit, raisins, ripe peach, caramel and toasty oak
Palate / Viscous and long, dark forest fruits, and a toasted oak backbone
Finish / Toasted marshmallow on the finish