• Peated Finish

Peated Finish

Single Malt Whisky
700ml / 48%

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    Tropical fruits, toasted oak with lingering smoky peat.

    Introducing, Peated Finish; Our second, 'new world' take on an old-world whisky style. It's a red wine barrel aged, single malt whisky. Finished in peated barrels, straight off the rugged coast of Islay, Scotland. Melded with Starward's quintessential tropical notes and the smoky and earthy flavours from Islay’s coastal peat. Expect a whisky that's unlike any other in Australia.

    Peated Finish Whisky with a glass and smoke surrounding with fruit decoration

    When there's smoke, there's fire.

    Following the successful, award-winning release of UnExpeated in 2021, we couldn’t help but have another play with some deliciously smoky, peated whisky barrels.
    We took our three-year-old, maturing red wine cask whisky and transferred it into heavily saturated, peated casks, where it was left to finish for 18 months. This whisky spent double the time finishing in these ex-Islay casks than our first peated release, resulting in a deeper, smokier finish that pays homage to the barrels Scottish provenance. All perfectly balanced with Starward's quintessential tropical fruit flavours, of course.

    Glass of Peated Finish whisky with smoke and fruit decoration

    Tasting notes

    COLOUR \ Auburn

    NOSE \ Bright tropical fruits, toasted oak followed by a hint of sweet peat.

    PALATE \ Ripe red fruits, subtle peat smoke, yellow peach and mocha.

    FINISH \ Palate slowly dries from the oak and has very long peated finish

    A dinner table set with meat and chips paired with a whisky cocktail from the Peated Finish Range

    It's the perfect pairing

    We encourage everyone to sip Starward how they want, but we do have a few personal favourites when it comes to pairing Peated Finish with food. Filled with flavours of smoky peat, toasted oak and bright tropical fruits, Peated Finish is unmistakably delicious when paired with fresh oysters or an indulgent dish of your choice, such as smoky beef brisket or an oozy chocolate lava cake. Whether it's in a cocktail or neat, there's always a spot at the dinner table for peat.

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