• Coffee Old Fashioned

Coffee Old Fashioned

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A classic with a typically Melbourne kick.

Pour over ice with a twist of orange peel to garnish. If you’re serving with food, muster maximum willpower and save Coffee Old Fashioned ‘til last. A chocolatey dessert or tiramisu will be a delicious match. One word of warning though. Bring this to a party, and it might just steal the limelight.

We start with our award-winning whisky.

Aged in Melbourne’s variable weather in red wine barrels from world-class local wineries. We’ve always intended our rich, fruity whisky to shine in a cocktail. Taste this, and we rest our case.

Tasting notes

Nose / Intense coffee, vanilla with a hint of orange peel

Palate / Coffee forward followed by dark chocolate and cacao

Finish / Textural and rounding. Vanilla and light roasted coffee bean

Australians care about coffee.

So we went to the experts at Mr Black. Their cold-brew coffee liqueur is a bartender’s dream. We take our distillery-made orange bitters to offer spicy, zesty balance.

Flavour obsessed as ever

Then, it's time for Melbourne's climate to shine. Or, rather, rain and shine in a wildly unpredictable way. Famed for its 'four seasons in a day', Melbourne's fluctuating climate means Two-Fold extracts more flavour from the barrel in a much shorter time than is traditional. After just three years, both barley and wheat whiskies are ready to be expertly combined.

The next part (the drinking part) is all up to you.