• Whisky Glass by Denver & Liely

Whisky Glass by Denver & Liely

by Denver & Liely
90 mm / Hand-Blown

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Unleash Your Whisky Journey

Elevate your whisky experience with the Denver & Liely Whisky Glass, adored globally by whisky lovers and embraced by experts. The D&L Whisky Glass captures the sensory pleasure of taste and smell associated with a traditional whisky snifter and combines this with the versatile form and style of a classic tumbler.

The perfect whisky combination

Most whisky drinkers prefer to use a tumbler to enjoy their drink, while the specialised "whisky snifter" is typically reserved for expert tasters. However, Denver & Liely has created a glass that combines the best of both worlds. With its wide base, it allows for maximum surface area of a standard measure, while its tapered body funnels the aromas to the perfectly sized opening, revealing the full character of the whisky.