• Sticky Toffee Apple

Sticky Toffee Apple

Single Malt Whisky
500 ml / 48%

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    Luscious, sweet and guranteed to be a treat

    Just when you thought whisky couldn't get any better - we've developed a sip that's as indulgent and comforting as a homemade apple pie. With scents like apple blossom on the nose, vanilla and toffee apple on the palate, giving way to notes of cinnamon sugar to finish, this drool-worthy whisky is simply scrumptious. A belter when served neat or even more game-changing when poured over a decadent scoop of vanilla-bean ice cream. Try it for yourself or forever hold your peace.

    Trial & delight

    Starward's Sticky Toffee Apple whisky is the latest release from our Small Batch program where our distillers source unique barrels or trial something new. Our distillers sourced Apple Brandy barrels from the United States and finished our red wine matured, single malt whisky in these barrels for three years. These barrels worked hard in Melbourne's 'four seasons in one day', which allowed the delicious liquid to achieve the full orchard and oak experience. This resulted in our luscious Sticky Toffee Apple whisky which is bound to please every crowd; whisky lover or not.

    Tasting notes

    Nose / Floral notes of apple blossom and tropical fruits followed by vanilla and toffee apple.

    Palate / Ripe orchard fruits and almonds give way to luscious stewed apples and allspice.

    Finish /  Medium to long finish of rich fruit and cinnamon sugar.

    Colour / Deep copper

    About Starward's Small Batch Program

    Sticky Toffee Apple whisky is part Starward's Small Batch program, which is home to our one-off releases. In this program, our distillers source specialty ingredients, unique barrels or are trialling something very new. And we’re excited to be sharing our trials with you.

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