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Black Lime Gin

Barrel Aged Gin
700ml / 48%

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Lemon sherbet with hints of juniper spice.

Black Lime Gin is a special release, just for the friends and family of Starward. Our distillers have crafted a citrus forward gin with black limes as the focal botanical. It was then aged for over two years in Starward whisky barrels, to develop an inimitable flavour profile. Lemon sherbet and juniper spice, expect a perfectly balanced spirit that's bold and versatile.

Tasting Notes

Nose / Lemon sherbet, intense juniper, lime zest and pine needles.

Palate / Burst of lime, lemon sherbet and juniper spice.

Finish / Bright citrus zest rounded by soft oak.

Colour / Bright gold.

Small in batch. Big in flavour.

Our Black Lime Gin is released as part of Starward's Small Batch program. This is home to our one-off releases where our distillers source specialty ingredients, unique barrels or are trialling something new. And we’re excited to be sharing our trials with you.