Discover 3 of our most popular whiskies

Discover 3 of our most popular whiskies

Starward’s Bar Manager, Kyle, gave us the low down on three of our most popular whiskies to help you choose your next favourite Starward whisky. It was hard to pick just three, but we think you’ll love these whether they’re mixed, neat or served alongside a luscious charcuterie board.

Two-Fold and tonic, our most popular drink at the bar

Two-Fold: a whisky that tastes ridiculously good with tonic water.
Who knew? This double-grain whisky is light and fruity and is the most versatile in our portfolio. It performs well (and tastes great) no matter how you enjoy it. Our preferred way to serve Two-Fold is with Fevertree Mediterranean Tonic, and trust us when we say it’ll make you wonder why you ever thought tonic was only a mixer for gin. We use Australian wheat in Two-Fold which gives it its aromatic, dry flavour with hints of spiced vanilla, tropical fruits and cereal characters rounded with red apples and berries. 

Nova whisky from Starward is great for mixing or serving neat

Nova: the backbone of Starward’s signature red wine barrel maturation.
Consider Nova the perfect introduction to Starward: red wine cask expression whose DNA can be found across all our whiskies. This single malt also happens to be a Double Gold award-winner and is matured exclusively in red wine barrels sourced from places like the Yarra Valley and Barossa – this is evident in its vibrant red ochre colour. On the nose, it’s like we took bright flavours of red berries and orchard fruit and coated them in soft oak spice. On the palate, imagine a rich red berry pudding covered in vanilla, caramel and spice. Delicious when sipped neat, but we can’t go past pairing a glass of it with a big old charcuterie and cheese platter – just in time for picnic weather.

Solera whisky from Starward - the OG of Starward Whisky

Solera: where it all started.
This is our OG whisky – the one that kicked off the Starward story and has stuck around for obvious reasons (it’s delicious). Solera is matured in seriously flavourful Apera barrels – an Aussie fortified wine similar to Sherry – which have typically held spirit over decades. Solera is closer to a classical style of whisky if that’s more your vibe. It’s designed to be sipped neat but also mixes perfectly in a highball with ginger beer and a slice of lime. With tropical fruits, caramel and vanilla on the nose and a dry spice finish that lingers like a warm Summer’s day, Solera continues to prove all these years later that it’s still got it.