Honeycomb Highball

Effortlessly refreshing, this Honeycomb Highball features Beechworth Sparkling Honey & Lemon - a locally made, naturally-sweetened soda with honey nectar that beautifully caresses the buttery warmth and depth of HER Starward Honeycomb. Topped off with a vibrant citrus lift of lemon and the distinct earthy touch of sage, this cocktail will leave your taste buds tingling.

Serves 1
45ml HER Starward Honeycomb
1x 250ml Beechworth Sparkling Honey & Lemon
1 slice of lemon
1 large sage leaf


Bring it all together

Pour HER Starward Honeycomb into a tall glass.
Fill glass with ice.
Pour over Beechworth Sparkling Honey & Lemon and stir.
Garnish with lemon and sage, and enjoy.