Two words to describe Melbourne? Casual brilliance.

Great food, wild weather and just a bit of grit.

Surrounded by world-class cool climate wineries, we're in the best spot to scout out red wine barrels for our whisky. In fact, we source all our whisky ingredients from just a day's drive away. The local barrels are so fresh, they're often still wet with wine when we fill them.


Don't underestimate Melbourne food scene either. It's exceptionally unpretentious. Fresh, frank and fun. And when you're surrounded by the best coffee, craft beer and ridiculously delicious food (down the world's best croissanterie according to the New York Times), the foodie obsession is infectious. It's why we've always welcomed our whisky at the dinner table; in a cocktail, on the rocks or with tonic.

We'd choose our exhilarating, entrepreneurial city over a peat bog any day of the week.