Two-Fold with plum & honey soda

Plum & Honey Soda
3 plums [tinned]
80ml plum juice [from the tin]
30ml lemon juice
20ml-30ml honey
Crack of salt
600ml water

30ml Starward Two-Fold
10ml Fino sherry (optional)

Plum and Honey Soda
Either add ingredients to hot boiled water or heat altogether over stove but do not boil. Once hot, give a quick stir to ensure salt and honey mixes in, remove from heat and let stand. Once cooled, strain off plum solids, carbonate and refrigerate.

Don't be scared to tweak the soda recipe! Add different fruit, more fruit or a different sweetener.

Combine your new soda and drink in a tall glass with ice, garnish with lemon.