Why our Small Batch Experimental Series is making big waves

Here at Starward, we’re not afraid to do things a little differently. We’re constantly setting ourselves the challenge of creating whisky that’s out of this world – a drink that makes people stop at first sip and say ‘Wow! This is really something.’ Our distillers are the unsung heroes when it comes to making magic in our Port Melbourne distillery – they lead the charge, push the envelope, source unique ingredients and patiently trust the process. They’re also the people behind Starward Small Batch Experimental Series: an exclusive Australian program that’s responsible for one-of-a-kind bottles of whisky that you’ll have to taste to believe. Don’t be fooled by the name - Our Small Batch program will make a big impression – hear more about it below.  

What is the Small Batch program?
To put it simply, our Small Batch Experimental Series is where we let our distillers’ creativity run wild ; it’s a chance to demonstrate their talents, innovation and eye for detail to produce something spectacular. Now, don’t get us wrong, every bottle of Starward is lovingly (and meticulously) crafted – it’s just that Small Batch bottles can bend the rules a little (in the best way possible). The Starward Small Batch program focuses on producing a limited number of bottles; it’s home to a selection of one-off releases where specialty ingredients, unique barrels and trialing the unexpected are all welcomed with open arms. 

How long has this program been doing the rounds?
We first kicked off our Small Batch program in 2020 with the launch of two whiskies from our smoked series; Mesquite Smoked Malt and Cherry Wood. Fun fact about the program: we created a Black Lime Gin as part of it – who said a leopard can’t change its whisky spots? 

What’s the story behind Small Batch?
Experimentation is at the heart of the program. And innovation has been part of our DNA since day dot. In the early days, our experiments would become part of our ‘Projects’ program, like our Ginger Beer Cask and Tawny to name a few. As our Projects program continued to grow, we wanted an opportunity to showcase our smaller trials that only had a finite amount of barrels. Enter Small Batch: a series of tailored one-off releases that have become popular amongst our biggest whisky fans (that’s you!) who eagerly wait to taste new flavours and innovations. We trial, we play, and we approach things from every angle – no stone (read: ingredient or barrel) is left unturned.

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What makes Starward Small Batch whiskies so unique?
The propositions in this program can be anything from the beginnings of a new project or the trial of a new technique or material, all in the pursuit of taking whisky to new horizons. From involving a new type of barrel to pursuing special flavours, Small Batch whiskies showcase the imagination of our Port Melbourne distilling team. They’re inherently unique because they explore the unexpected.

Where should I start if I want to try a Small Batch whisky?

We’ve released six Small Batch whiskies so far; why not take Munich Malt for a spin? It’s a tasty malt, tropical Starward spirit that was fully matured in ex-Bourbon barrels.

So, feeling a little thirsty after reading this? Then try a Small Batch whisky from the world’s most awarded distillery here: Small Batch