5 ways to spoil dad this Father’s Day

How good are dads? They give the best hugs, they’re always on call to answer our questions and they sure know how to tell a good joke. With Father’s Day on the horizon (September 4 — pop it in the diary), we figured it was time to think about all the wonderful (and simple) ways you can show the old man (or significant role model in your life) a bit of love and appreciation.

1. Try your hand at his favourite hobby together
He might be into darts or heads out birdwatching on a Sunday; you could find him on the golf course every Saturday rain, hail or shine — or tinkering with his car in the garage. Whatever it is, there’s no doubt that dad’s hobbies make him happy, and you tagging along on the fun is guaranteed to give him the greatest joy. It’s the quality time he’s probably missed since you flew the coop — and doing something he loves with the person he loves is a pretty special thing, if you ask us.

BBQ with your dad, you know he loves when you get involved

2. Fire up the BBQ and get his favourite cut of meat sizzling
Fact: dads love it when the lessons they’ve taught you over the years (i.e. how to cook a piece of steak) come back around and lead to them enjoying the fruits of their labour. Not only will you be able to treat Dad to a delicious meal, but while that piece of meat (or vegetarian sausage, if that’s more his thing) sizzles you’ll be able to catch up on each other’s lives and maybe even reminisce on times gone by. Make sure you don’t leave Dad empty handed while you chew the fat; pour him a glass of Peated Finish— its subtle smoky flavour is the perfect accompaniment to anything grilled (and plenty of other foods, too).    
3. Take him somewhere he’s always wanted to visit
It might be a golf course that he’s dying to have a hit at, or a national park he’s been hanging out to hike through — maybe he’s got his eye on a new restaurant in the neighbourhood. Heck, he might just want to visit a different Bunnings for a change! Wherever it is, ask Dad where he wants to go and try and make it happen. Is he a whisky fan? We might be a little biased, but a trip to the Starward Distillery in Port Melbourne is a surefire way to knock his (previously gifted) socks off.
Take your dad somewhere he has never thought to go. Like a inner Melbourne Distillery

4. Sit down, put on a record and listen to his favourite band with him
Dust off AC/DC’s Back in Black, bring out Beethoven’s Complete Symphonies or line up The Rolling Stone’s Sticky Fingers — his music taste is as distinct as him and that’s always worth celebrating. Chances are your dad went to some pretty righteous gigs back in the day, and probably has a story or two up his sleeve. Enjoy the tales as the record spins. we have no doubt they’re epic. Why not fix him a cocktail between tracks? One of these will do the trick.   

Take a moment just to be with Dad

5. Write down three things you love about Dad (and tell him what they are) .
There really is no one else in the world like Dad, so make sure you let him know. Maybe it’s his jokes, his advice, his pancakes on a Sunday morning or the fact he taught you how to ride a bike or tie your shoes. There’s always something special to be said about him and the way he’s loved you over the years — so make sure you share it right back every day, and especially on Sunday September 4.