A match made in heaven: four foods to pair with peated finish whisky

Here’s our lineup of the best foods to enjoy with Peated Finish whisky. From the dishes you should try alongside a glass of it, to incorporating it as an ingredient in your next dessert — turns out the subtle smokiness of Peated Finish whisky is a food gamechanger. Your tastebuds won’t know what hit ‘em.  

Oysters & Peated Finish Whisky are a match made in culinary heaven

Oysters (it’s time to ditch the vinaigrette)

Oysters? Whisky? Get shucked! Known by many in the whisky business as an “oyster luge” there are a few different ways you can properly execute this pairing. Simply follow the oyster with a shot of the peated finish whisky or add a couple of drops of it into the oyster shell along with the brine and oyster and down all three. Want to really turn it into a ritual? Try sipping the oyster brine from the shell, wash it down with a splash of peated finish whisky, eat the oyster and refill the shell with more whisky — cheers to you and your oyster shell that’s now a makeshift whisky glass. We know what you’re thinking: this all sounds like a bit fun, but why am I mixing peated finish whisky and oysters? Turns out the spice, salinity and smoke found in peated finish whisky can simultaneously complement the brininess of oysters while also cutting right through their rich creaminess. It’s kind of a surreal synergy in which one side of the duo both matches and contrasts with flavours from the other. Magic! 

 Chocolate — sweet tooths, rejoice!

Chocolate and whisky really are the best of friends. With this pairing, you get the warming, complex nature of whisky complementing and undercutting the creamy texture of the chocolate. When it comes to Peated Finish whisky specifically, a delicious chocolate-meets-caramel dessert is an excellent choice; there’s something about the subtle smokiness of the peated finish and the caramel that leads to a delicious and dynamic burst of flavour. Try incorporating Peated Finish whisky into a sauce or cream to offset the sweetness of any chocolaty dessert. If you want to enjoy a piece of chocolate accompanied by a glass of it, try mint chocolate — it’s the uplifting palate cleanser you’ve been searching for.


Peated Finish Whisky compliments the richness of BBQ

An unlikely partnership: peated finish whisky and blue cheese
Most whiskies and cheeses can tango together — but the complexity of both peated finish whisky and blue cheese make the two a nice match. Our pick is Roquefort which is a rich creamy blue cheese. It’s sharp and tangy, and both of those flavours work perfectly with the smokiness of peated finish whisky. If you’re not into creamy blues, you could also try aged pecorino or manchego — these cheeses have a higher salt content, which will balance perfectly with a smoky whisky.

Peated Finish Dropper with Caviar on toast & cheese.

Fire up the BBQ, chase down a charcuterie board and grab your rich meats
Turns out peated finish whisky is an overachiever in the kitchen. Those subtle smoky notes make it a great substitute for a smoker when preparing and cooking meats. Add it to a basting sauce for your brisket (um, yum) or reduce it down with honey and lemon to make a glaze. Feeling adventurous? Add a hot fennel salami to your charcuterie board, pour a glass of peated finish whisky and enjoy the two together. It’s like eating a hot slice of pizza on the beach in Islay, Scotland (that’s where Peated Finish whisky originated from) — think salty, meaty, smoky and warm. It’ll take your charcuterie platter skills to a whole new level.

You’ve nailed the Peated Finish whisky food matching — now it’s time to try it in a cocktail or two.