A working distillery in Melbourne's city centre.

The hubbub of grain-grinding, steam-belching and drifting fruity aromas

Icons Of Whisky Australia Visitor Attraction of the year, 2019.

A working distillery in Melbourne's city centre.

Well, when Melbourne is your inspiration, you want to get stuck in.

We keep good company. Our distillery is surrounded by world class craft beer and cool climate wine, the world's best crossainterie (per the NY Times no less) and the best coffee (don't even quibble).

It's mouth-watering, it's mayhem and then, there we are. Just a stone's throw from the CBD.


We're a busy fully-operational distillery. For us, industrial isn't just aesthetic. Expect the whirring, murmuring hum of our stills in action. Then there's just the place to enjoy the fruits of the labour. Our giant copper still sits beside our bar stocked with one-off project whiskies, cask strength tastings and an ever-changing cocktail menu.


We'll talk about whisky to anyone who'll listen. So if you're ever in Melbourne, come and visit us for a tour, masterclass or whisky tasting at the bar.