The sweetest thing: HER Starward Honeycomb

What do you get when you take one of Melbourne’s coolest venues, Two-Fold and just the right amount of Pure Peninsula Honey Local Floral Blend? The sweetest collaboration we ever did see, that’s what!
HER Music Room record collection back bar with Honeycomb Whisky in front
We’ve been big fans of HER since it opened in February 2022, in particular its MUSIC ROOM. So, when an opportunity arose to develop a limited-edition (and totally new) whisky style which reflects the ambience and playful nature of HER we couldn’t pass it up. This really was a match made in heaven because the MUSIC ROOM is dedicated to the love of music, and we’re wholeheartedly dedicated to the love of new world whisky. That’s a lotta love!

HER Starward Honeycomb has been carefully crafted by blending our Two-Fold whisky and the finest Pure Peninsula Honey Local Floral Blend in a process that retains the honey and whisky in a pure state. It’s complex, alluring and unexpected, just like HER. We can’t get enough of working with local suppliers (and venues, for that matter) to create some magic, which is why Pure Peninsula Honey Local Floral Blend was the sweetest choice for this whisky. What was once simply a hobby for John Winkel, the Pure Peninsula Honey’s apiarist, bloomed into a full-blown business robbing hives and harvesting honey now stocked at retail outlets across the country – and of course, a sweet ingredient in our latest launch! The Local Flora Honey adds a luscious viscosity to the bright and fruity spirit, accentuating the charred and fresh Australian red wine barrels used to mature the special spirit.        

Guy mixing cocktails at the Music Room Melbourne HER Bar Honeycomb whisky

If you could bottle an experience at the MUSIC ROOM, it would taste like this whisky. It’s sweet, sophisticated, balanced and approachable for both whisky and non-whisky drinkers alike. It’s also a true celebration of all things local – whisky, grain, honey and venue. Picture sipping it up at the bar, or in a cosy corner as the lights twinkle across the room’s wooden interior while you gaze at the wall of records and the sound of a local DJ spinning vinyls fills your ears. What a vibe.

DJ at Music Room with cocktail on bar HER Bar Honeycomb

We think getting to the MUSIC ROOM and ordering a glass of HER Starward Honeycomb to really immerse yourself in this latest launch is a total no-brainer (we hope you’re texting your group chat to make plans imminently). But, if you can’t get there to experience this partnership in person, enjoying it neat or shaken up in a cocktail at home is the next best thing. Maybe even put your favourite record on to really set the scene – now that’s sweet.