What it’s like inside HER’s MUSIC ROOM Melbourne

In case you missed it, we created something super sweet with HER: a limited-edition (and totally new) whisky style which reflects the ambience and playful nature of HER, particularly their MUSIC ROOM.
Like the MUSIC ROOM, HER Starward Honeycomb is an experience for the senses – carefully crafted by blending our Two-Fold whisky and the finest Pure Peninsula Honey Local Floral Blend. It’s complex, alluring and unexpected.

We recently spoke with HER’s Cocktail Director, Tom Younger, and Music Director, JNETT, about this one-of-a-kind whisky, and what it feels like to step inside an intimate sound-proof room that’s designed to feel like you’re inside a speaker box – plus the drinks you should sip while you’re in there.   

HER Bar tender shaken cocktails

On how the HER and Starward friendship come to be
According to Tom, this collaboration was the perfect cocktail – equal parts HER, equal parts Starward, topped with the team from Pure Peninsula Honey. “From the outset, we were seeking to create a product that evoked a sense of nostalgia and familiarity, all the while being approachable and made for easy drinking,” he says, going on, “We wanted each sip to remind consumers of something sweet from their past, and what’s more nostalgic for Australian’s than honey? Homemade honeycomb, Violet Crumbles, Golden Gaytime ice creams or even a simple honey and white bread sandwich.”  

Tom explains, as a flavour, honey is naturally (and not overwhelmingly) sweet, so it balances well with our fruity and lightly spiced Two-Fold whisky. “Starward absolutely nailed the blend,” says Tom. “They created a new and inherently exciting flavour combination that’s unlike anything we’ve ever tried before. There is no one we would have rather partnered with to create our very own bespoke drink.”

HER Starward Honey tastes like…

“With Starward’s Two-Fold double grain whisky as its backbone, HER Starward Honeycomb is naturally bright, fruity and lightly spiced. The addition of the Pure Peninsula Honey accentuates the charred Australian red wine barrels used to mature the spirit and brings out a sweeter and more sophisticated flavour,” explains Tom.

What to expect when you step foot in the MUSIC ROOM
HER’s Music Director JNETT was happy to set the scene for us: “The beauty of the MUSIC ROOM is that sounds ebb and flow with the mood or groove of the moment. Spanning a variety of genres, what you hear in the room can range anywhere from jazz to beats, from boogie to on-the-floor stompers,” she says, going on, “Our rotating cast of DJs and selectors take to the vibe of the crowd, the time of day and a range of other factors.” This means no two visits to the MUSIC ROOM are the same, and if you’re into your tunes and a tasty cocktail to match, then this is the bar for you.

According to Tom, it’s “an experience like no other” and inspired by the vinyl listening bars of Japan. As the name suggests, it’s an intimate sound-proof room that’s designed to feel like you’re inside a speaker box. “The American walnut walls and ceiling are perforated with small holes to mimic the appearance of a speaker box. A dynamic lighting constellation in the ceiling is configured to the music and creates an all-immersive sensory experience and cinematic feel. There’s really no better way to understand it than stepping inside yourself.”

DJ at HER Music room with a drink ready at the bar

Forget food and alcohol pairings, it’s all about music and alcohol pairings
You may not know that the MUSIC ROOM is designed to create an all-immersive experience that unlocks all five senses – and the team at HER know that cocktails and music are intrinsically linked. After all, what’s better than sipping on a tasty beverage while someone hand-picks and spins vinyl soundscapes? It’s what sets the MUSIC ROOM apart from any other venue in Melbourne.

If HER Starward Honey was a song…

“Just like a sip of Starward Honeycomb, you can’t expect me to stop at just one, but if I had to pick a few they would be: Herbie Hancock – Stars In Your Eyes, Erykah Badu – Honey and Midnight Star – Midas Touch,” lists JNETT. Some absolute classics there!    

The correlation between the music that the DJ is playing and what drinks are being ordered

When asked if the music informs the type of cocktails being shaken behind the bar JNETT says, “There most definitely is, and the perfect tune always deserves the perfect drink to complement.” According to her, keeping a close eye on what people are drinking tells a story of the room and what they likely want to listen to – and vice versa. “You might start slow in a cosy spot on the couch with a Honeycomb Amaretto Sour in hand, then move to the bar for a peppy and more refreshing Honeycomb Highball,” she says, going on, “When it comes to dancing and speeding up the music, something simple, smooth and on the rocks is always the way to go.”

Drink in front of the couch area in the HER Music Room

How to enjoy HER Starward Honeycomb in the MUSIC ROOM

“It’s too hard to pick just one way!” exclaims Tom. “When it comes to cocktails, we love the freshness of the Honeycomb Highball. Mixed with locally made Beechworth Sparkling Honey & Lemon Soda, the sweet notes of the whisky are balanced with a tang of lemon and a touch of sage. Another favourite is our Honeycomb Amaretto Sour. It’s simple and perfectly sweet and sour.” Tom has the same advice for those hoping to cut a few shapes in front of the DJ decks, “simply over ice is the best option for those dancing and drinking.”

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