Three ways to enjoy a cocktail with little to no effort

Sure, this could be considered the lazy person’s guide to cocktails – but it could also be the ‘busy person’s’ guide, ‘the undecided person’s’ guide or ‘the disorganised person’s’ guide. When it comes to cocktails, we all enjoy different things – some people love the ritual of constructing something complex, others just want something quick and easy, and then there are those who prefer to watch a professional do their thing. Whether it’s lack of time or lack of effort, you can still enjoy a tasty cocktail – here are three ways to prove it.

Person with tattoos on arm holding canned cocktail from Starward Whisky

We’re so darn keen for you to experience our distillery bar classics wherever you are, that we put them in cans. Yep, our first-ever, ready-to-drink Canned Cocktails range is here – just in time for summer picnics, music festivals and backyard hangs. To be fair, we’d love to see you sitting up at the bar in our Port Melbourne distillery, but this is the next best thing. These refreshing and bright cocktails come in three bubbly, fruit-forward flavours and are the perfect choice if you want the cocktail without the work.

Kicking it off with Starward Whisky, Tonic and Juicy Ruby Grapefruit: a Canned Cocktail that pays homage to our (and Starward founder David Vitale’s) favourite way to enjoy Two-Fold, with ripe ruby grapefruits and our lush red wine barrel-aged whisky – it’s a juicy drop, this one!

Up next, Starward Whisky, Ginger Beer and Zesty Orange: nicely spiced and made with our very own Ginger Beer (the famous and unreleased), this can is fizzing with bright and refreshing tropical notes and light and toasted oak moments. Know a ginger beer fan? This might just be their new favourite. If they need more convincing, tell them it was a Gold Medal winner at the 2022 The Spirits Business Pre-Mixed & Ready To Drink Masters (they won’t).

The third can in the lineup is Starward Whisky, Soda and Tangy Finger Lime: Tangy! Zingy! Citrusy! This is a remix on a classic soda. The native finger lime spotlights our juicy Starward whisky quite nicely if we do say so ourselves. Whether you’re looking to crack open a bev with zero sugar or in the mood for a citrusy kick, you’ll enjoy this refreshing and moreish cocktail.

Group of young people having a drink canned cocktails in the backyard, traditional Australian setting D

Cocktails don’t have to be complicated. Obviously, our top pick for when you want a cocktail on the go are the Canned Cocktails we mentioned above. However, sometimes you still want to put on a bit of a show without too much effort, ya know? Maybe it’s just adding some ingredients to your nana’s best crystal coupe and giving it a quick swivel before placing a slice of lime on top. Or you could grab a bottle of our latest (sweet) release HER Starward Honeycomb and throw together a Honeycomb Highball; it only needs some naturally-sweetened soda, HER Starward Honeycomb and a slice of lemon (with a quick stir for good measure) – now that’s what we call hands-off cocktail making. If a low-fi cocktail that only needs a quick stir is your thing, there’s plenty on offer – from a Two-Fold & Tonic (an excellent way to ease into drinking whisky if you’re a newcomer) to a Backyard Boulevardier. Anyone can whip up a quick drink without working up a sweat or spending an hour lost in your local bottle-o trying to find ingredients. If you’re in need of some fresh cocktail inspiration as the party season ramps up, we’ve got plenty.   

How good is it when someone else does the hard work and you can sit back and relax? Maybe even sip a cocktail while you do? If you want a night off shaking a cocktail or two, or just want to see what kind of magic the Starward team can perform in front of you, pop into the Starward Distillery in Port Melbourne. See you there!