The story behind our HER Honeycomb whisky

It’s officially chocolate season. And if, like us, you have a sweet tooth then do we have a treat for you: HER Honeycomb. Let’s be honest, this is a whisky you can enjoy all year round, but it seems fitting to give it a shoutout right now because it pairs superbly with chocolate – especially as a delicious dessert topper or in a chocolate-flavoured cocktail. Here’s the lowdown on this one-of-a-kind whisky and why it needs to be added to your sip list immediately. 

HER Honeycomb Whisky from Starward in a bar with music records behind

The sweetest team

As you’ve probably guessed from its name, Starward HER Honeycomb has something to do with HER: a positively buzzing, warm and playful venue on Lonsdale Street in Melbourne. From its vinyl-listening bar (inspired by those in Japan), a Thai-style barbeque joint and a rooftop with views of Melbourne’s sparkling skyline, HER has something for everyone across its four levels. So inspired were we by its vibrancy that we created an equally vibrant spirit to match: moreish and quintessentially Melbourne with every sip. 

Alongside HER in this sweet collaboration was Pure Peninsula Honey, whose 4,500 hives (and hardworking bees) provided the Local Flora Honey which gives this whisky a luscious viscosity and bright, tropical notes. As with every Starward whisky, it was important to leverage the abundance of resources on our doorstep by partnering with local suppliers for a truly Melbourne-made whisky. So, working alongside John Winkel, the Pure Peninsula Honey’s apiarist, to produce our first-ever honey-infused whisky was a given.

The process

HER Starward Honeycomb has been carefully crafted by folding our Two-Fold whisky – which is fully matured in Australian red wine barrels – with the finest Pure Peninsula Honey Local Floral Blend. This lush, locally sourced honey (sourced from hives located amongst a diverse range of flora across the Mornington Peninsula) adds a touch of decadence to our bright and fruit-forward whisky. We’re all about flavour, not filler here at Starward, so you won’t find any artificial honeycomb flavouring or artificial sweeteners in this. We achieve all those delicious ‘honey’ characteristics by folding in fresh Pure Peninsula Honey after our Two-Fold whisky has been fully matured. These delicious elements combined, make HER Honeycomb the ultimate cocktail companion, neat sipper or dessert topper.

HER Honeycomb whisky with a big slice of sweet cake from the Starward team

Tastes like

This is an indulgent yet perfectly balanced whisky. On the nose you’ll notice tropical and ripe red fruits from Starward's Two-Fold with a hint of fresh honey; on the palate bright tropical fruits come forward balanced by lightly toasted oak, followed by succulent honey which adds a rich and balanced mouthfeel. It’s equal parts bright, fruity, decadent and sophisticated: a balanced and approachable drop that whisky and non-whisky drinkers alike will enjoy – and all that decadent honey means it shines in indulgent desserts, neat pours and delicious cocktails.

Not your average whisky

And by that we mean this isn’t the intensely flavoured whisky that your grandfather pulls out from the back of the liquor cabinet. This is approachable and versatile: it's bright, it's vibrant, and it's got an accessible flavour (and pricepoint, for that matter). We’re confident that a bottle of HER Honeycomb will change the minds of those friends or family members who claim they 'never like the taste of whisky'.

A bartender make a delicious cocktail in a cool bar

Be your own bartender with our HER Honeycomb Cocktail Kit

HER Honeycomb is such a buzzy Melbourne-made whisky that we thought it would be right at home in a limited-edition Cocktail Kit –  just in time for the chocolate season. Consider all your seasonal entertainment and adults-only chocolate cravings, sorted. 

So there you have it: HER Honeycomb is the perfect choice for mixing, spritzing, shaking, or simply enjoying however you like this chocolate season– or any time of the year – to satiate your sweet cravings. We’ll drink to that.